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Vibrant green blades of grass are covered in morning dew, the sun highlighting the various shades of green.

Reducing Springtime Stagnation

March 09, 20242 min read

Chilly mornings, dew on dandelion puffs, vibrant green leaves appearing on vines. Springtime in the northern hemisphere means Kapha season has arrived.  And while I really love chilly mornings and snuggling underneath the covers, I can absolutely succumb to the warmth of my bed.  Before I know it, more time has passed than I intended, and I’m left scrambling to make up for that lost time. This is not the way to live a balanced life.

Kapha (pronounced kah-fuh) is one of three Ayurvedic doshas.  If this is all totally new terminology to you, check out this blog that goes into more detail about the three main Ayurvedic doshas.  Without going into too much detail here, this time of year can cause us to be more sluggish, less motivated, stagnant, and even depressed.  

Ayurvedically speaking, the way to counteract these symptoms and get out of a funk is to do the opposite action.  During this time of year, rather than sleeping in or being a total couch potato, the remedy is pretty simple -- movement.

I’m not talking about going out and running a marathon -- though, if that’s appropriate for your body and it floats your boat, go for it!  For most of us, just getting in some movement at least three times a week can help combat the Kapha overload within us. 


Here are a few ideas for you to meet the springtime with energy and happiness:


  • Go for a brisk walk in your neighborhood (not a stroll!)

  • Put on your favorite tunes and have a dance party in your bedroom

  • Take a class that gets you moving.  Obviously don’t push it to the point of injury; but know that sometimes you may not feel like moving, and movement will help you get through the sluggish times.  

  • Break a sweat and build some heat inside your body

  • Work in your garden

  • Play (with your dog, your kid/grandkid, or just do silly and fun movements on your own)

You don’t have to do two-hour-long workouts to reap the benefits of these principles.  Just get some movement in several times a week, get out of bed earlier (and also go to sleep earlier so you’re not dragging during the day), and be sure to drink lots of water.  Your body will feel alive and energized.

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