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"Soften Something Somewhere": More Than Just A Yoga Mantra

"Soften Something Somewhere": More Than Just A Yoga Mantra

September 03, 20232 min read

Over the last 15 years of teaching yoga asana classes, I've used the phrase "soften something somewhere" countless times. It has become one of those grounding reminders for my students to find ease amidst the effort. What I love about that concept is that everyone gets it: We all have hidden places within that tend to stay tensed up, even when we feel like we're relaxed. It's those parts of us that unconsciously hold onto strain, like a clenched fist or furrowed brow, even when there's no need.

But recently, that phrase made me think of it in a different way.

It struck me – aren't there areas in our life, beyond the physical, that could use a little softening? Places where we've become so rigid or stuck that we've lost the essence of flow and adaptability?


Our minds are powerful tools. Yet, we often get trapped in patterns of overthinking, negative spirals, or limiting beliefs. Here, softening can mean letting go of the need to be right, allowing new ideas to permeate our consciousness, or simply pausing to appreciate the present moment without over-analyzing it. Can we allow our minds to wander without judgment, or embrace a new perspective without resistance?


We've all built walls around our hearts at one point or another. Maybe it was a defense mechanism to prevent further hurt or just an armor we never knew we wore. Softening emotionally can be about opening up, allowing ourselves to feel, and letting those walls come down, even if just for a moment. It's about vulnerability, compassion, and understanding – both for ourselves and for others.


Regardless of your beliefs, spirituality often encompasses our connection to something greater than ourselves. Over time, dogmas or societal pressures can create a rigid framework around our spiritual practices. Softening here might mean rekindling that innate sense of wonder we once had, allowing room for doubt, or even exploring new paths of spiritual growth.

In essence, "soften something somewhere" is not just a cue for the yoga mat. It's an invitation for introspection, for growth, and for deeper connection in every facet of our lives. Just as in yoga, where that gentle reminder can transform our practice, so too can it reshape our daily existence, encouraging us to find a bit more ease, openness, and grace in the midst of the chaos.

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